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About DNS Global

DNS Global invests in, and operates companies within the Domain Name Services industry

Founded in 2011, DNS Global is a holding company based in Norway that invests in, and operates companies within, the Domain Name Services industry. The team behind DNS Global consists of professionals located in Europe, USA and Asia, each with 10-25 years of experience from founding and operating ISP’s, registrars, registries and related software and services businesses.

DNS Global sold one of its subsidiaries, Dot GLOBAL Domain Registry Ltd., in June 2019. This company was the registry operator for the .global domain extension, and after 5 years of operation, one of the most successful new domain name extensions.

RegistryOffice AS is another subsidiary of DNS Global and currently the primary focus for new investments and development of additional services. At present, RegistryOffice offers:

Business Intelligence: A SaaS business intelligence platform that tracks the performance of a domain name registry from the inside. Data from internal and external sources is combined with machine learning and AI in order to significantly improve insight. Through an easy-to-use interface, data is presented in reports, graphs and graphics, allowing the user to better analyse a situation and make well-informed business decisions. It also helps find patterns and trends that would otherwise be hard for domain name registries (and registrars) to discover manually. The platform works across multiple backend registry service providers (RSPs).

Abuse Monitor: An ICANN compliant domain name abuse monitoring and management service for registry operators, with customized versions available for anyone with a list of domains, such as registrars, hosting providers, brand owners and domain investors. The service continuously scans any given namespace and notifies the namespace operator when malicious activity and security threats are detected. Abuse Monitor further includes a Case Management System to ensure professional and efficient management of abuse cases.

Consulting: Strategic, operational,policy and premium name consultancy services for registries.

Managed Hosting: Management and maintenance of registry client websites, usually in conjunction with the Business Intelligence service. May include advanced search, integration with registrar pricing information and secondary market domain name portals.

RegistryOffice clients include legacy gTLD, new gTLD and country-specific (ccTLD) Registry Operators, as well as ICANN accredited registrars.